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Hyperlite Sprint
The Hyperlite Sprint Kid’s boot is ideal for the younger ripper in your family. A rear flex zone and soft EVA heel make the Sprint a very comfortable boot leaving a great first impression on the little ones so they look forward to returning to the water. Our adjustable EVA toe piece coupled with a quick cinch lace zone opens wide and makes entry and exit an easy experience. Get the grommets excited about wakeboarding from the get go with the Hyperlite Sprint Boot.
Victoria Ocean Foamie
For beginning to intermediate riders, the Foamie is the best value foam core skimboard on the market today. The Foamie is strong, durable, and has an excellent wave riding shape. The 5/8" thick polyurethane core with fiberglass wrap means this board is practically unbreakable. Foam core boards are 20% larger and lighter than equivalent wood core boards and many beginning wave riders choose to skip over the Woody Model and go right to the Foamie Model instead. A great choice if you’re serious about learning to skimboard.
Hyperlite Proof
The Proof boot focuses on the use of lace zones and less overlay material to provide the most mobility in any of our pro-model boots. This boot blends support and lateral movement in a lightweight package. The Proof wakeboard binding has all the locked-down feel you will need for a cab 900, with the freedom required for a smooth, poked out. frontside indy. Stainless steel eyelets make for an easy transitioned adjustment. A rider can remove the bottom guide, cinch it as tight as they want, and instantly lock it back into place for a one-time modification. This eliminates half the work, as a rider can now just use the rear top lace guides to get in and out of the boot. Product Features: Quick Cinch Side/Rear Lace Sock Construction Option 2 Closure Elastic Water Resistant Patent Leather Easy Entry Lycra Liner Formed Achilles EVA Formed Upper Heel Formed Upper Toe
Victoria Ocean Matrix
You are purchasing a brand new never used VICTORIA MATRIX SKIMBOARD NEW! COOL! Core Material: PVC and Birch Core Thickness: 1/8" (birch), 5/8" (PVC) Fiberglass: E-glass Resin: Epoxy Rails: Boxy Shape: Squash tail Rocker: Low Finish: Light weight finish Skim rider weight- 150-200lbs Skim length- 45.0 x 19.8
Ronix Bill
Before we start yapping - the board smells like bananas. For real, Bill bottled the scent and thru it in the tip - just the tip. A must in any rider’s quiver with a new skate inspired drift on the water and railslide cable park enchantment. The latest in progressive shapes for the next gen. of riders with bigger wakes, faster speeds, and longer rope lengths in mind. Bill created a new fresh machine that is faster than any of his previous aquatic fabrications - the most contact on the water of any board in our line. A growing trend is going towards faster boards. Having shapes that ride higher pushes the tail up, meaning less resistance, but also reducing the total rocker height creates more contact with the water. The new Bill has more top water momentum - so you don’t have to work as hard. With most shapes you have to create an unneeded exaggerated angle to gain the speed to get lift - the added glide is naturally putting Bill and the boys faster off the wake. We also exaggerated the thinned out tip/tail of this new shape, creating more of a delayed recoil snap. This creates a smoother approach, building energy thru the tail of the board as you transfer over the wake, with more forgiving, predictable landings. One of our most versatile new shapes is also cable friendly. William on a budget with a new third generation softer Bill board.
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