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Lucid Spray-On Grip Tape - 2013

This is the most commonly used grip on most decks. Used for carving, cruising, and mellow rides. A rider can also ride barefoot with this grip without tearing up the feet. Package includes: - Step 1 "The Liquid" - Step 2 "The Grip" - Instructions "Clear grip for your shred stick" Whether you need… [more]

Lucky Abec 5 Bearings - 2013

Lucky Speedline ABEC 5's come with stainless steel green and black shields and removable Dupont Delrin crowns. Chromium 52100 steel balls. Triple-honed and polished raceways. Set of 8. Put some luck in your truck. [more]

Thunder Trucks 145 TRUCKS

Thunder Lo Trucks are for street skating. They are light and that makes it easy to bust tricks. They are known in the industry as a lightweight super stable truck. This makes them the perfect choice for flip tricks and ollies. [more]

Gullwing Sidewinder - 2013
$32.99 - $37.99

• Specifically designed for carving • Highly unstable at high speeds. Do not recommend for downhill skating. • Works best with Sector 9 boards designed specifically to compensate the truck charactericstics TYPE - Conventional Double Stack Carving APPLICATIONS - Carving SIZES - 9.0” (161 mm), 10.0”… [more]

Pro-tec Classic Helmet

Often imitated, never duplicated! that's the Classic Pro-tec styling! Our soft 2-stage foam liner and newly added EVA crown pad keep things comfortable and lightweight, making it the style of choice season after season. [more]

Sector 9 Swift Helmet - 2013

SWIFT SKATE HELMET Style: HLMT4 ColorType: RED Super Light-Weight Multi Impact ABS Shell Dual Density EVA Foam -Inner layer for super shock absorbtion that rebounds to its' original shape -Outer layer molds to your head for a perfect fit -Wrapped in a moisture-wicking Sweatsaver layer that includes… [more]

Studio Team Atlantic Pacific Deck 8.25 - 2013

All Studio boards are 100% Canadian maple made in Canada. This Team "Atlantic-Pacific" board is 8.25" wide with a medium concave. [more]

Artschool Ben Tour Deck - 2013

Artschool Ben Tour Deck 8.125 [more]

Artschool Chris MacKenzie Deck - 2013

Artschool Chris MacKenzie Deck 8.0" [more]

Artschool Team Deck - 2013

Artschool Team Deck 8.0" 8.25" [more]

Landyachtz Dinghy - 2013

The Dinghy has been in our line for 10 years and is a favorite and reliable tool among shop employees and team riders alike. We’ve done a total overhaul of the shape, making it longer and wider, with a fully-functional kicktail. Not just a passing fad, the Dinghy will be the go to board for any… [more]

Santa Cruz Micro Complete - 2012

If you’re looking for a mini version of the parody of a classic Santa Cruz Rob 1 skateboard, featuring custom Simpsons artwork and donut graphic wheels, well then look no farther! This thing is small, but totally rideable for skateboarders young and old. It comes equipped with Bullet B137 Trucks… [more]

Santa Cruz Skateboards Colt 45 Tallboy Cruzer

Colt 45 Tallboy, It Works Every Time! Custom contoured deck shape. Metallic Ink. Inlaid bottle opener. B137 Bullet trucks. 65mm Road Rider "Beer Goggles" wheels Manufactured by Santa Cruz and Pabst Brewing Company bring you the all time favorite American suds. This ain't no yuppie light, micro… [more]

Arbor Axis GT - 2013

The Arbor Axis GT is a symmetrical, snowboard inspired carver shape that offers quick, rail-to-rail performance, with drop-through mounting for a more ergonomic push and power through turns and slides. Artist: Zach Johnsen Components: Arbor 72mm 78a Wheels, ABEC 5 Bearings, Gullwing 10" Charger 1… [more]

Sector 9 Sand Blaster Complete - 2013

SANDBLASTER COMPLETE Style: SF122C ColorType: AST The fiberglass sandwich construction of the Sand Blaster adds that nice,flowing bounce and flex to a super loose carving ride. The full dropthrough also minimizes the height added by the Sidewinders, which makesit easier to push. Construction… [more]

17 Results